Vapiano Restaurant in Dubai Review

The Ambiance and General Experience at Vapiano Restaurant Media City 

I went to Vapiano Dubai for a quick lunch on a breezy Friday afternoon in March in Dubai’s Media City. This Italian-themed restaurant is known for its relaxed atmosphere and fresh homemade pasta, pizzas, and salads.

At the reception counter, I was handed a plastic card that would be used to load and charge my order. I had not encountered such a payment system until then, and I was curious about its benefits. Perhaps if you went in a large group, you could get your individual cards to simplify splitting bills at the end of your meals. As a solo customer, however, you would find it rather inconvenient, as you have to be mindful of not losing the card since losing it would incur a fee of 150 Dhs. The restaurant prides itself on offering a relaxed and laid-back dining experience but having to worry about losing a plastic card while eating adds unnecessary stress.

Anyway, after ordering, I took a table inside the restaurant but later changed my mind and sat outside on the patio because the weather was pleasant, albeit a little sunny. I asked a staff member to open an umbrella over my table, and they gladly did so.

Outdoor patio at Vapiano Dubai

Food Quality at Vapiano Restaurant Media City 

vapiano dubai food
Fresh homemade calzone at Vapiano Dubai

My freshly made Calzone was served to me after only 10-12 minutes of waiting. I did not know what to expect as I had never had a calzone before. It was a folded pizza stuffed with meat, sauce, and mozzarella. Its shape reminded me of Gujiya, a sweet Indian pastry. The bread’s outer layer was slightly crunchy, which I enjoyed. The filling was also good, but the flavors were a little too subtle for my taste. I wished the filling was more flavorful even though I appreciated its simplicity and freshness. The pizza was big enough to feed two light eaters.

My verdict for Vapiano Restaurant Media City 

After finishing my meal, I went back to the reception area to return the plastic card and pay for my Calzone, which cost 60 Dhs. Was it worth it? I think I have had better pizzas at a lower price. I liked the ambiance, so I might return to try out their pasta dishes next time. 

My Rating



  1. Do Vapiano restaurants in Dubai serve alcohol? – No, it does not.
  2. Can you smoke or vape at Vapiano restaurants in Dubai? – I went to the Media City outlet; they have an outdoor patio where you can smoke or vape. 

Have you been to Vapiano? Let me know your experience in the comments section below.

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