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Why You Should Travel To Armenia


Armenia is an ancient country stunningly nestled in the Caucasus region. Over the past 3000 or more years of its existence, this former Soviet Union nation has had quite a fascinating journey. It’s the world’s first Christian country but for the majority of the past 2000 years, the country was ruled by non-Christians. Mount Ararat, which is visible from many parts of Armenia and holds special importance amongst its people, is technically situated in Turkey. The food is almost Middle Eastern, but the culture and vibe on the street scream Southern Europe. The country is like a cultural melting pot with Dolma on top! 

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The Caucasus country offers a wholesome travel experience, especially to those seeking off-the-beaten-path adventure. From its beautiful ancient and medieval churches and monasteries to its endless range of rugged mountains, from its delectable cuisine to friendly and welcoming people, Armenia has a lot more to offer than you can think.

In this travelogue, I have worked out a comprehensive Armenia travel guide by combining my personal experiences and insights gathered from fellow Reddit travelers. If you have further insights or would like to enquire, my Comments box is open for you. 

How to Get to Armenia

By Air: The most convenient way to get to Armenia is by air, as the country has several international airports, including the largest and busiest, Yerevan Zvartnots International Airport. Many major airlines fly direct to Yerevan from cities throughout Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

By Land: If you prefer to travel by land, Armenia is connected to Georgia, Iran, and Turkey via several border crossings. There are also bus services that connect Armenia to its neighbors. There are overnight bus and train options available from Georgia that are popular. 

When is the Best Time to Visit Armenia

Spring(April to May): During Spring, the weather in Armenia is mild and the country’s beautiful landscapes are in full bloom. Crowds and prices will be reduced, making it an ideal time for a quick and budget-friendly holiday. 

Summer(June to August): Summer is the peak tourist season in Armenia. The weather is pleasant and sunny, making it ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming in Lake Sevan, and exploring the country’s natural scenery.  

Autumn(September to November): If you want to see Armenia’s vibrant flora and fauna, go during these months. The weather is pleasant, and the crowds are light, causing prices to fall even further. 

Winter(December to March): Winter is an excellent time to visit Armenia if you want to explore the snow-capped mountains and roads or participate in winter sports like skiing and snowboarding.

Do You Need a Visa to Travel to Armenia

Based on your nationality, you will be able to confirm from the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Armenia, whether: 

1. You’re eligible to enter Armenia without any visa
2. You’re eligible for Visa on Arrival
3. You will need an E-Visa before embarking on your flight to Armenia

You can check your visa eligibility by entering your country and type of passport from here

What Are the Places to See in Armenia
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If you are all packed to set your sights on the ancient land of Armenia for a good 7-10 day trip but are still unsure what places you should cover, let me help you out here. This Armenia travel guide will help you know all the major destinations that you should visit to experience the best of the country.

I recommend you start your adventure in Yerevan, the buzzing capital city that boasts some of the country’s most significant cultural and historical landmarks. Don’t miss the Armenian Genocide Complex, Republic Square, and the Blue Mosque, the country’s only surviving and functioning mosque. 

Step back in time and explore the Pagan Temple of Garni in the picturesque village ofGarni. Just a stone’s throw away lies Symphony of Stones, a natural wonder that will leave you spellbound. This was my favorite piece of natural wonder in Armenia. Make sure to visit the UNESCO world heritage site of Geghard Monastery for a spiritual experience.
lake sevan things to do

Breathe in the fresh mountain air as you spend the day at Lake Sevan, Armenia’s largest high-altitude lake known for its crystal-clear waters and breathtaking views. You do not want to miss out on Lake Sevan, believe me. 

Travel to Dilijan, the charming resort town nestled in the northeast of the country, and immerse yourself in its stunning landscapes, natural beauty, and some of the prettiest restaurants around. While there, be sure to visit the 13th-century Haghartsin Monastery, considered one of Armenia’s most magnificent architectural gems.

hiking in armenia

If you enjoy hiking, go to Lake Kari, Armenia’s highest peak located on the slopes of Mount Aragats. Take in the breathtaking views or take a leisurely stroll around the lake. My plans to visit Lake Kari were thwarted by snow, but I did enjoy the hike on Mount Aragats’ mountain ranges. If you intend to climb any of the Aragats’ peaks, bring your hiking gear with you. While you’re there, don’t forget to see the gorgeous Amberd Fortress.

Amberd fortrss in armenia

Discover the hidden gem of Gyumri, the second-largest city of Armenia that sits in the northwestern region, offering a rich cultural experience. Explore the Dzitoghtsyan Museum of Social Life and National Architecture, which showcases traditional Armenian life and architecture. Additionally, Gyumri is home to some of the best Armenian cuisine, including the famous Manti dumplings and Khash soup. On my 7-day trip, I could unfortunately not fit in Gyumri but I would love to visit this black city if ever I re-visit Armenia. 

Wine tasting in Areni

Indulge your inner wine connoisseur in Areni, a small village famous for its exquisite wines. Sample locally produced wine from one of the many wineries and tour the Areni-1 cave complex, the oldest-known winery in the world dating back to 6100 BC.

No trip to Armenia is complete without a visit to the impressive Tatev Monastery in the village of Tatev. Accessible via the Wings of Tatev cable car, you’ll be treated to awe-inspiring views of the Vorotan River and the surrounding landscape. Explore the many chambers and rooms of the monastery, including a library, a refectory, and a bell tower.

tatev monastery

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