10 Best Pakistani Restaurants in Dubai

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After Indians and local emiratis, Pakistanis are Dubai’s third-largest ethnic group. They have contributed to Dubai’s economy in a variety of sectors, including the food industry, over the years. Pakistani and Indian cuisines both rely heavily on spices. Their dishes have also been heavily influenced by Persian and Afghani cuisines. Pakistani food is delicious, and Dubai is fortunate to have some of the best Pakistani restaurants.

Over the past few years, I have visited several Pakistani restaurants in Dubai. Some of these restaurants are my absolute favorites, and I love revisiting some of them. Today, we will look at the 12 best Pakistani restaurants in Dubai that you must try.

1. Ravi Restaurant 

Ravi Restaurant Dubai
Mutton Handi at Ravi Restaurant

Ravi is by far my favorite and one of the best Pakistani restaurants in Dubai. Since 1978, they have served traditional cuisine to both residents and tourists. Adidas recently collaborated with this family-owned restaurant, banking on the nostalgic value that expats associate with Ravi.

Despite the fact that there is no branch near where I live, I find myself traveling to Satwa or Al Nahda Qusais just to eat there again. My favorite branch is the Al Nahda one for its ambiance, but I haven’t visited their Karama branch yet. The Satwa branch is my least favorite because it is relatively small, but the food is still excellent. I have tried their Mutton Handi in Qusais and Chicken Peshawari in Satwa. Both of them were absolutely delicious. Their bread is fluffy and always fresh. A meal for two will cost 100 Dhs or less.

Timing: (Ravi Restaurant Satwa 5am to 2am) (Ravi Restaurant Karama 7am to 12am) (Ravi Restaurant Al Nahda 5am to 1.30am)

Contact Numbers: (Satwa 04 331 5454) (Karama 04 547 6838) (Al Nahda 04 258 9911)

2. Daily Express Restaurant

Daily restaurant combines the flavors of Pakistani and Indian cuisine. Because the restaurant believes in never sacrificing quality, it offers a small but delectable menu.

For starters, you must try their Behari kebabs. In the main courses, I tried and loved their Nihari and Mutton Peshawari. Some of their chicken curries are also highly recommended. For dessert, go for Kheer. They have outlets in Dubai Silicon Oasis, Barsha, Deira, and Dubai Investment Park. The restaurant has a low-key, family-friendly atmosphere. A typical meal for two costs 100 to 150 Dhs.

Timing: (Daily Express Restaurant Al Barsha 8am to 12am)(Daily Express Restaurantt DIP 8am to 12am)(Daily Express Restaurantt DSO 8am to 12am)(Daily Express Restaurant Deira 8.30am-12am)

Contact Numbers: (Al Barsha 04 323 2341)(DIP 04 234 7326)(DSO 04 392 2209)(Deira 04 256 7557)

3. Wakha Restaurant

Wakha restaurant is a hidden gem in Dubai and a local favorite. This is the place to go if you want to try some authentic Afghani and Shinwari cuisine. Their lamb dishes, particularly the lamb chops and chapli kebabs, are highly recommended. From the Shinwari section, you must try their boneless lamb tikka. They bake their own bread every day.

They are located in Al Barsha, Umm Suqeim, and Al Nahda.

Timing: (Wakha Restaurant Al Barsha 12pm to 12am)(Wakha Restaurant Umm Suqeim 12pm to 2am)(Wakha Restaurant Al Nahda 12pm to 12am)

Contact Numbers: (Al Barsha 04 347 0788)(Umm Suqeim 04 234 1937)(Al Nahda 04 345 4577)

4. B&B Cafe & Restaurant

B&S Cafe & Restaurant will not disappoint you if you’re looking for a fine dining experience with a dash of desi food. Although a little pricey, this is one of the best Pakistani restaurants in Dubai when it comes to authenticity and taste. It offers delicious breakfast and barbecue specialties.
If you’re looking for a traditional Pakistani breakfast, you’ll find everything from halwa to chholey puri here. For starters, try their Bihari kebabs and mutton chops. I recommend their Nihari with bone marrow with Naam for the main course. A meal for two will cost around 150 to 200 Dhs. 
The restaurant’s interior is simple but authentic. If you prefer to sit outside during the winter, there is also a patio. If you go there during a significant tournament, you will also be able to watch a game or two with cricket fans from Pakistan and India.

The restaurant is located in Oud Mehta.

Timing: 8am to 12am

Contact Number: 04 334 4498; WhatsApp 055 2954806

5. Little Lahore

Delicious Peshawari in Little Lahore

This cozy little Pakistani restaurant is located in the beautiful location of JLT overlooking the lake. The ambiance is absolutely charming and the food served at Little Lahore brings authentic flavors from Pakistan.

There’s sitting space both inside and outside. So you can indulge in some delicious grilled food and curries while enjoying the lake views. The service is efficient and the menu is priced reasonably with a meal for two costing about 100 Dhs.

Timing: 11am to 11.30pm

Contact Number: 04 441 4270

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6. Nayaab Haandi

Nayaab Haandi is one of UAE’s best restaurants offering authentic Pakistani cultural and dining experiences. From their barbecue section, you must try their grills and kebabs. Over the years, their malai boti has gained popularity amongst residents. They also provide catering services for both private and business events.

They have outlets in both Dubai and Sharjah. The prices on their menu are fair. A meal for two generally costs 100 Dhs or less. Service might be slow as the majority of the time the restaurant is full of customers.

Timing: (Al Barsha 12pm to 12am)(Al Wasl 12pm to 11.30pm)(Nahda 12pm to 12am)(Al Khan 12pm to 12am)(Mujarrah 12pm to 12am)

Contact Numbers: (Al Barsha 04 351 3333)(Al Wasl 04 359 7448)(Nahda 06 554 1360)(Al Khan 06 556 8172)12pm to 12am)(Mujarrah 06 564 1626)

7. Des Pardes Restaurant – 24 Hours

If you’re in the neighborhood of Oud Mehta and want to try some authentic Pakistani food, go to Des Pardes. This dhaba-style restaurant serves flavorful dishes ranging from Mixed Grill to Chicken/Mutton Handi to Biryani and Afghani Pulao. It is open 24 hours a day. A typical meal for two costs less than 100 Dhs. The decor is simple but the food is delicious.

Timing: Open 24 hours

Contact Number: 04 379 5701

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8. Bar. B.Q Tonight

Bar B Q Tonight is a small family-friendly chain that serves authentic Pakistani and Indian cuisine. They’ve gained a following for their grills, curries, and steaks over the years. Even though I haven’t tried it yet, their Iftaari buffet option has received positive reviews from residents. I would recommend making reservations ahead of time because the restaurant is usually fully booked even on weekdays

A meal for two costs not more than 100 Dhs.

Timing: 7pm to 12.30am on from Monday to Thursday; 12.30pm to 12.30am from Friday to Sunday

Contact Number: +971 4 3425292; +971 4 3425272 

9. Spinzer

Spinzer, located in Al Barsha, is well-known for serving some of the best Biryanis and Pakistani cuisine in Dubai. Although its interiors are simple, this authentic Pakistani restaurant serves some of the best food in Dubai. You should also try Haleem and Nihari, two of their other popular dishes. Try the BBQ mutton/chicken from their grill menu. If you’re a vegetarian, you’ll enjoy their mixed vegetable curry.

A meal for two will cost around 100 Dhs. Drop by if you’re around Al Barsha 1.

Timing: 11am to 11.45pm

Contact Number: 04 323 6701

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10. Lal Qila

Lal Qila is a multi-cuisine buffet restaurant that serves some of the best authentic Pakistani and Indian cuisines in Dubai. Their food is delicious, but they are also well-known for their service and interiors. While the interiors transport you to the Mughal era, the food will make you want to return. Their buffets cater to vegetarians, non-vegetarians, and Jains alike. Try their non-vegetarian main course Mutton Paya and vegetarian main course Chana Curry. There are also Chinese and continental dishes to select from.

A meal for two will cost you no more than 100 Dhs. Lal Qila is located in Jumeirah 1.

Timing: 12.30pm to 3.30pm; 7pm to 11.30pm

Contact Number: 04 325 4778

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