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Adidas x Ravi Superstar
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What is the Adidas x Ravi Superstar Shoe collaboration all about?

In celebration of the sense of community fostered in and around neighborhood restaurants, Adidas has partnered with eleven small, local restaurants in eleven different cities worldwide. Adidas x Ravi Superstar is one such collaboration in Dubai. 

Why Ravi Restaurant?

Ravi restaurant evokes strong feelings and memories for many people living in Dubai who have spent a significant amount of time dining there with friends and family. What’s more is that the diner is known for its variety of delicious Pakistani curries, fresh naan bread, and alluring ingredients. 

Adidas capitalized on this golden opportunity by collaborating with Ravi restaurant to create fashionable sneakers.

Where Can You Get The Adidas x Ravi Superstar Shoes?

Bad news, you’re too late to get your hands on these limited editions as the shoes sold out on the day of their launch.

How Much Did the Adidas x Ravi Superstar Shoes Cost?

The price of the Adidas x Ravi Superstars was Dhs 549. These trainers were only available in a very small number, so it stands to reason that they were sold out very quickly. Additionally, these limited-edition models won’t be offered again. 

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The Inspiration Behind the Design of the Shoes

The Adilicious campaign works closely with restaurant owners to develop a product that has the same distinctive flavor and flair as their establishment. To make sure that the trainers reflected the ethos and ideals of the restaurant, the Ravi team was involved in the design and conceptual aspects of them.

Mr. Waheed Abdul Hameed, the restaurant’s MD’s two younger brothers were the family’s main sneakerheads, who collaborated with Adidas to incorporate the Ravi restaurant logo and colors on the shoes. The entire process took two years.

What are the main characteristics of Ravi shoes?

The bespoke lining for Ravi’s version of the Adidas Original SUPERSTAR sneaker features a hand-drawn map that represents the river (Ravi) that runs through northeastern Pakistan.

The year Ravi first opened, 1978, is written on the tab on the trainer’s heel. The year and Ravi’s name are written in Arabic on one heel and English on the other.

The Ravi team has added six additional recipes that are printed on the tongue of the sneaker, with English on one side and Arabic on the other. 

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What Does the Ravi Restaurant Get Out of This Campaign?

We know that the Adidas x Ravi Superstar shoes cost AED 549 to purchase. But what does this campaign mean for Ravi, the iconic restaurant?

Mr. Waheed, responds, “There is surely a monetary benefit out of this collaboration for the much-loved restaurant, but it is not to be revealed.” He further explains that even if there were no monetary value, it would increase the value of their brand, so they would still want to be associated with it.

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